The fastest way to onboard staff and manage HR operations.

We simplify your HR operations by:

  1. - completing your HR paperwork in 90 seconds (offer letters, promotion offers, termination contracts and more)
  2. - handling your employee onboarding (collect employees' info , add them to apps like GSuite and share your handbook)
  3. - setting up and handling your health insurance (20+ providers including RelianceHMO, Axa Mansard)
  4. - handling your offboarding (including all the paperworks and remove them from all your apps)

while making sure all your HR operations are in line with the local laws.

all these starting from $4/employee (that is NGN2800, GHS40, KES480)

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currently used by 150+ top companies like Float(YC W20), Mono(YC W21), Curacel(YC W22).

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